Our Lady of Tears in Siracusa, Sicily 1953

Our Lady of Tears Siracusa

Account of Our Lady of Tears

- Siracusa Sicily

Our Lady of Tears story begins in Syracuse on the 29th of August, 1953, Five months before,Antonina and Angelo Jannuso were married.

Because they were a struggling young couple, with Angelo a poor worker earning the barest minimum wages, they accepted his brother's gracious invitation and moved into his small house on Via degli Orti di E. Giorgio.

The day of their marriage, they received a plaster plaque of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as a wedding present.

Although they were what we would call, lukewarm Catholics, barely doing their Church duties by going to church on Sundays, they reverently placed the plaster plaque on the wall above their bed. Soon after they were married, they discovered they were to know the blessing of giving birth to a child.

The couple was overjoyed, but typical of the hardworking poor class of Sicily, things were not going to be easy. They discovered Antonina had toxemia.

This not only caused her to have excruciating convulsions, the convulsions, at times, resulted in her suffering bouts of blindness. On the day of the miracle, August 29th, Antonina was blinded, due to a seizure resulting from her convulsions.

She was totally blind from three in the morning until eight thirty that evening, when her eyesight was totally restored. She later wrote that she turned to the image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary over her bed, to give thanksgiving to Our Lady for her returned eyesight, when to her utter astonishment what did she see, but the plaque of Our Lady was crying - Our Lady of Tears.

She called out to her sister-in-law and aunt who, when she recounted what she had seen, thought she was delusional due to her illness.

She said she then insisted they look closely at the image of Our Lady of Tears. They reluctantly did as she asked. When they moved closer to the image, they too saw the tears flowing from the eyes of Our Lady, and attested to the fact they, as well, saw some tears run down Her face unto the headboard of her bed.

Needless to say, upon witnessing the image crying, they had mixed feelings - fright mixed with awe and wonderment.

Our Lady of Tears - Miracles


They immediately set out to advise the neighbors. They removed the plaque from the wall and carried it outside so the neighbors could see what they had seen.

The neighbors could do nothing less than confirm that which they too had seen. The image of our Lady was shedding tears!

Our Lady of Tears - Investigation

Hearing of this miracle, three priests called on the Jannuso family and verified, with their own eyes, what others had seen - indeed the image on the plaque was weeping! One of the priests prudently notified the Chancery. Whereupon, the Chancery convened an inquiry committee comprising well respected priests, four scientists, and three reliable witnesses.

Satisfied the mix was well-rounded and balanced, the Chancery directed them to go to the Jannuso home and carefully scrutinize the situation. The delegation arrived at the Jannuso home the morning of Tuesday, September the 1st. Our Lady once again obliged Her children and allowed the image to weep.

As the image of Our Lady of Tears was weeping, the delegation carefully inspected the plaque. They were not only able to witness the image weeping, they were granted the opportunity to examine the plaque, as the tears were cascading down the image's face, filling the cup the image of Our Lady had gently formed with Her hand, with which She held out Her heart to Her children. They discovered that, although the front of the plaque was wet with tears, the back of the plaque was dry.

They carefully gathered a sampling of tears from the Image of Our lady of Tears to bring back to the lab for scientific examination. After having allowed the image to undergo this meticulous scrutiny by the team, consenting to their prying and probing, Our Lady permitted the tears to continue flowing for another fifty-one minutes. Then at 11:40 a.m., as quickly as they had begun, the tears ceased, never to be manifested again. Mother Mary had done Her job and now it was up to Her children how they would use these extraordinarily miraculous circumstances.

For five days, the supernatural was manifested in this ancient place, with its pre-Christ roots and ancestry still evident in the monuments to the courage and faithfulness of the early Christians - the great Greek and Roman amphitheaters. The marvelous thing about life is how God works. He creates mankind and gives them great reasoning powers and intellect, yet often they set out to use those gifts against His children and their faith. We have a saying in the Ministry: Science sets out to disprove miracles and only results in approving them. The team of scientists went about carefully gathering approximately twenty drops of liquid in a slender, sterilized tube and poured the liquid into an equally sterile vial.

Thereupon the vial was taken to a lab to be scrutinized thoroughly by chemists and physicians. They took this sampling of tears and tested them against tears of an adult and that of a child. They found the tears of Our Ladyof Tear's image to contain the same liquid composition as found in the human tears tested.

Their conclusion: The liquid brought from the plaque in the Jannuso home was like that of the tears of a human being.

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