Apparitions of Our Lady

Apparitions of Our Lady - Marian Apparitions

Let's discover the Marian Apparitions of Our Lady along with some of Mother Mary Shrines like Our Lady of Altotting.

Apparitions of Our Lady

“Mary scarcely appeared in the first coming of Christ...

Apparitions of Our Lady - Mary's Role

But in the second coming of Jesus Christ, Mary must be known and openly revealed by the Holy Spirit so that Jesus may be known, loved and served through her.” Saint Louis Marie de Montfort "

Mother Mary has certainly increased Her visits since Our Lady of Guadalupe - 1531.

We have traveled to each of these Marian Apparition sites.

Each of these Apparitions of Our Lady has an underlying message to her children.

For example at Fatima in 1917, known as Our Lady of Fatima, Mother Mary implored us to pray the Rosary.

At La Salette, in France she urged us to go back to Church on Sundays and live as Catholics should live.

At Knock, Ireland, Mother Mary did not say anything, however, the actual Apparition spoke to us louder than words could.

At Aracoeli in Rome Mother Mary appeared to Emperor Augustus Caesar. Before him stood the Virgin Mary on an Altar, radiant, bathed in a flood of blinding light illuminating Her and the Infant Jesus nestled in Her arms.

Apparitions of Our Lady - More Visits

In Paris, in 1830, She came to a little postulant and gave her and us hope for the world. "Come to the foot of the Altar, great graces will be poured out to those who ask for them."

In Lourdes, in 1858, Mother Mary came and introduced Herself as the Immaculate Conception, affirming here Son and His dogma of the Immaculate Conception.

In Pontmain, in 1871, She came and ended the Franco-Prussian War. This is one of the Apparitions of Our Lady where She gave us hope.

In Fatima in 1917, (This is probably the most well known of the Apparitions of Our Lady), She warned us that unless we convert, Russia would take over the world.

In Beauraing Belgium, in 1932, She asked the children, "Do you love my Son?" To which they responded "Yes!" She then asked "Do you love me?" Again they responded "Yes" She turned to them and said, "Then Sacrifice yourself for Me." This Apparition along with Banneux make up the two Apparitions of Our Lady warning us about World War II.

In Mexico City in 1531, Our Lady of Guadalupe came, averted holocaust, stopped the merciless sacrifices of innocents and created family.

Apparitions of Our Lady - List

There are many other Apparitions of Our Lady, featured in this site for you to learn about. For example, we just returned from Laus France, to report on Our Lady of Laus recently approved after 400 years. You can easily find these Apparitions of Our Lady by selecting the tabs on the left or using the search feature.

Come with us on our journey to gather information on the Apparitions of Our Lady.

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