Our Lady of Lourdes Water

Our Lady of Lourdes Water

"Go and drink from the spring and wash yourself there" is what the Virgin Mary asked Bernadette Soubirous, February 25, 1858. This invitation is addressed to everyone.

Water from Lourdes is not to be confused with holy water. It is a commonplace water, slightly chalky, similar to that of all neighboring sources. It has no thermal or under specific property. It is totally independent of the course of the Gave de Pau. This water is transported by pipeline to underground reserves which in turn feeds the water points at the Grotto (fountains), swimming pools and the path of the water.

The popularity of water from Lourdes was born miracles. Indeed, the apparent mean the most common of miracles at Lourdes, is the use of water source (49 of 67 official miracles) or applications either by ingestion or in bathrooms. These are the men who invented the rules of fountains, bathing pools or water way.

In the Catholic faith, through the natural elements and the sacraments, it is always God's healing through the intercession of the Virgin Mary and the prayer of Christians. This water is a sign, not a fetish. Bernadette Soubirous told herself: "You take the water like a drug ... We must have faith, we must pray that water would no virtue without faith! ".

The water of Lourdes is a sign of other water, that of baptism. Whenever the action of water is done today. This is a person who finds meaning in his life. It's a heart that is purified and released.

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