Apparitions of Mary...
What are they?

Apparitions of Mary are an event in which the Blessed Mother Mary is believed to have supernaturally appeared to one or more persons.

Our focus here will be Catholic Church Approved Marian Apparitions.

Marian Apparitions sometimes are reported to recur at the same site over an extended period of time.

In the majority of Marian apparitions only a few people report having witnessed the apparition.

They are often given names based on the town in which they were reported.

Much information and explanations have been written about these occurrences.  Bob and Penny Lord have written two books about Apparitions of Mary.

To put it simple terms, Our Lady has shown her love for us has been through her visits to our planet, in the form of Apparitions.

Every one of of Mother Mary's apparitions was for a specific purpose, not for an individual, but for a nation, and sometimes the world.

Links to Apparitions of Mary:

Guadalupe, 1531 - Mary saves America from annihilation

Paris, 1830 - Mary gives us the Miraculous Medal.

La Salette, 1846 - Our Lady never ceased weeping.

Lourdes, 1858 - Affirms dogma of Immaculate Conception.

Pontmain, 1871 - Mary appears and ends war in Europe.

Knock, 1879 - Her message more crucial now than ever.

Fatima, 1917 - Mary prophesies World Wars.

Beauraing, 1932 - Mary prepares us for WWII.

Banneux, 1933 - She said "Whole nations will be annihilated."

Our Lady of Akita

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Our Lady of Pilar

Our Lady of Cap de Madeleine

Our Lady of Czestochowa

Our Lady of Pompeii

Our Lady of Ocotlan

San Juan de Los Lagos

Our Lady of Loreto

Our Lady of Siracusa

Our Lady of Siluva

Our Lady of Altotting

Our Lady of Macerata

Our Lady of the Gate (Vilnius)

La Conquistadora - New Mexico

Mother Mary has given us prophecies of things which have come about, as well as warnings about things that may happen in the future.

Mother Mary tells us that through prayer and the Rosary, the tide can turn on calamity.

Justice and Peace can triumph. All of Her messages come down to that one command She gave us in Holy Scripture, "Do whatever He tells you!"

Readers comments:
"You need a box of tissues when you read it."
"I couldn't put it down. I finished it in a day, then began again."
"As a convert, I never knew Mary. I've met her in a special way. I'll never let her go."
"You make Mother Mary touchable, someone I can turn to."


Dear Bob and Penny:

I never have expressed my love for people who go out of their way to bring Our Lord and His most holy Mother to so many people.Bob and Penny, you both outdid the book on, “The Many Faces of Mary, Book II.” I started to read this book on Saturday, October 18 and finished it on Wednesday, October 22. I just did not put it down. The more I read, the more I fell in love with Mary, the Mother of God. In reading about Our Lady of Loreto, I remembered I had read that the Holy House of Loreto where Mary and Joseph raised the infant Jesus, was the very house in which Mary herself was raised. Her parents Anna and Joachim had given the house to

Mary.M. A.Port Clinton, OH

Dear Bob and Penny:

I just purchased the book, “The Many Faces of Mary, a love story.” I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this book. I checked it out at the library and I had to order my own copy. I want to read it over and over again. I want to keep it for my family and friends to read. I found out about the book on our awesome Catholic station, EWTN. I’m hooked on this television network.I consider you and all the wonderful people on EWTN my teachers. Since the Passion of the Christ movie I am yearning to learn as much as I can.I will buy all your books. They are such good and easy readings. My relationship with our Blessed Mother is so much closer than ever before because of your book.May God Bless you always and keep up the good work. Thanks for being two of my teachers.

C.B. Longmont, CO

Dvds available on the Apparitions of Mary

Table of Contents:
The Many Faces of Mary a love story Book I Part I
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Our Lady of LaSalette
Our Lady of Lourdes

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